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Ricaine est un trio rock australien créé en 1994. Après un premier single en 1995 et un EP 6 titres "Intore: the cold grey rain", ils sortent leur tout premier album "Regret is an Inevitable Consequence of Life" en 1996.
Le groupe tourne en Australie et aux USA en 1997 : ils jouent à Los Angeles, New York et Chicago où ils enregistrent pendant une semaine plusieurs morceaux avec l'ingénieur du son Bob Weston [Shellac, Eric's Trip]. Cet enregistrement donnera naissance à leur album the Clarity of Distance sorti sur Rubber Records en Australie en 1997. Il sera édité pour la première fois en Europe par RuminanCe en septembre 2005.
Après quelques dates pour présenter cet album, le groupe décide de faire un break, chacun étant plongé dans différents projets musicaux parallèles [Deer, Little General, Ruck Rover, Warped].
En 1999, Ricaine enregistre un nouveau EP "Silence is the New Sound" qui sortira en 2000. Ils jouent pour la dernière fois en 2001 après sorti un ultime album : "Urbanity" sur le label Unstable Ape records.

L'enregistrement du disque vu par Neil Thomason (guitare,voix)

"Clarity Of Distance was recorded and mixed by Bob Weston over about a week in March of 1997. We did basic tracking at Chicago Recording Company in a couple of days. Vocals and mixing took place at Electrical Audio Recording, which at that time was still located at Steve Albini's old house in his basement and attic.

According to Bob we were the last band to work out of the old location before the studio was relocated to the new building it resides in today. I remember rows of outboard gear stacked up on the floor waiting to be carted away. Bob mentioned that he would rather be the last band to record at Steve's house rather than the first band at the new location, given that the new studio wasn't anywhere near finished and they apparently had a band booked to record in about a week.
Plus we got to meet Fluss the cat!
We also got to play a couple of shows, one at Lounge Ax and another at the Fireside Bowl, which I hear is not doing bands anymore. We were glad to have played when we were there.

The nineties was a fascinating and exciting time to be playing rock music, especially for those too young to have appreciated the original 70's punk explosion. Basking in the post-Nevermind euphoria, it was hard not to get swept up in the notion that dissonant guitar music was going to be huge, forever.
For me, the week in Chicago rates as a high point in the life of the band. Bob was a humble and generous host. I have nothing but fond memories of the time and still think about the experience of making that album on a regular basis.
To have travelled from the other side of the planet to make that record was an indulgent and thrilling experience. I'd do it again tomorrow if given the opportunity."

Neil Thomason
Melbourne, Australie 2005
Neil Thomason - guitare & voix
Brett O‚Riley - basse & voix
Tom Jackman - batterie
2005 - The Clarity of Distance - CD - Ruminance Records
2001 - Urbanity - CD
1999 - Silence is the new sound - CD ep
1997 - The Clarity of distance - CD/LP [Rubber Records]
1997 - Mainlanders - CD single
1997 - Polevault - Ricaine/Midget - split 7"
1996 - Regret is an inevitable consequence of life - CD
1996 - Intore: the cold grey rain - CD ep
1995 - Run, run, run - Ricaine/Baseball - split 7"
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