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AUCAN are from Brescia, Italy, and consist of Francesco d'Abbraccio (keyboard/guitar), Dario Dassenno (drums) and Giovanni Ferliga (guitar/keyboard). They started playing together in 2005, and since then have only stopped for the odd nap here and cup of tea there. The result of this creative binge is a debut album that brims over with exuberant ambition; yet despite their youth, the band manages to pull off its aims with an assured confidence.
This September (2008) will see the album released via a collaboration between RuminanCe and Africantape.
AUCAN’s music is based on a powerful combination of precision, energy and power. A dizzying concoction of barbaric guitars riffs, break on/break off drumming, sparse keyboard melodies and a tangled web of electronic sounds form a dense wave rich in frequency and tone. Picking up where 90’s Chicagoan rock bands (Shellac, Don Caballero) left off, AUCAN draw influence from a wide range of artists who marry the electronic with the organic - Fridge, Squarepusher, Tortoise, Battles. But it is the seeming ease with which they achieve this that really surprises; so many others have failed when trying to bring together two very different approaches, yet AUCAN use the tensions between timbres and textures to their advantage.
As all great groups should, AUCAN turn weaknesses in to strengths, and take control of chaos.
Francesco d'Abbraccio - guitar/keyboard
Giovanni Ferliga - guitar/keyboard
Dario Dassenno - drums
2008 "s/t" CD (RuminanCe/AfricanTape)
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