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Following the successful and monumental album "Heal All Monsters" released on Gentlemen records in May 2001, nobody can pretend not to have heard of the brilliant and unique post-rock/rock music of the Lausanne-based band HONEY FOR PETZI. They have released 3 albums up to now. 2001 was the year of the "Heal All Monsters" full length recorded by STEVE ALBINI. Since that album, one of the most original and entertaining album of our time, the band has been brought to the front of the Swiss indie rock scene and received massive press exposure while gaining a growing and solid fan base. After the release of "Heal All Monsters", the young trio hasn't taken a break, but rather toured in Switzerland, France and Germany performing their incredibly precise and brilliant shows and then worked hard on some new materials, while recording the original soundtrack for Emanuelle Antille's movie "Angel's Camp".
Christian Pahud - Drums
Sami Benhadj - Guitar/vocals
Philippe Oberson - Bass
2005 "Man's rage for black ham" CD [RuminanCe/Gentlemen]
2004 "Honey For Petzi & Seindenmatt" split 10" [Gentlemen Records]
2004 "Chevreuil for Petzi vs Honey for Chevreuil" split 7" [Ottonecker/Gentlemen]
2003 "Nicholson" CD [Gentlemen Records]
2003 "Angel's Camp" CD [Gentlemen Records]
2001 "Heal all Monsters" LP/CD [Gentlemen Records]
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