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Formed in 2005, the trio SABO, with Armand Gonzalez and Virginie Peitavi, both ex-members of the band SLOY, and Rémi Saboul (ex-DRIVE BLIND), offers 12 tracks. 12 trips or 12 dreams according to the feelings you have listening to this lingering acoustic guitar, those electric guitar and keyboard, mewing minor melodies, sounding like the soundtrack of a film (Federico Fellini, Ennio Morricone, Jacques Tati), this quiet bass guitar and, above all, this expressive and moving voice, proudly sung in French, the vibrations of which recalls SLOY.
And Armand (voice and acoustic guitar) goes further, much further. His voice is ahead, describing human relations he is attached to (“Ami Amie”, “Ma peau”) and music accompanies him in this realistic vision we love to live in through the encounters life puts on our way…
With a 10 years experience with the band SLOY, both in studio – notably with Steve Albini (SHELLAC, NIRVANA, PIXIES, CHEVREUIL) – and on stage with SLOY and MIOSSEC (with whom he played guitar), more than 500 gigs, Armand recorded himself this first album of SABO, giving it the color he wanted, the color of the sun, of the tramontane and the warmth of the South of France where he lives.
The music of SABO sounds like no other, it melts Pop, Folk, Lo-Fi and Rumba/ Bossa/ Mambo. Our three rockers decided to mark time building a music of their own, at their image!
Virginie PEITAVI - Bass
Armand Gonzalez - acoustic guitar/vocals
Rémi Saboul - electric guitar/Fender Rhodes
2007"8 saisons à l'ombre" CD [RuminanCe]
"Fatigue à paris" (from the album "8 saisons à l'ombre"). Webclip shot by Fred Ladoué.
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