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Instrumental duo acoustic guitar/drums from Bordeaux (France) born in november 1998, CHEVAL DE FRISE's music unites melodic approach with binary system. CHEVAL DE FRISE get its own language and their unique music reminding us GASTR DEL SOL, DON CABALLERO and RUINS directions. Intersections, juxtapositions, superpositions: CHEVAL DE FRISE runs in the same way that ivy on stone.
Vincent Beysselance - drums
Thomas Bonvalet - amplified classical guitar
2005 "La lame du mat" CD [RuminanCe]
2003 "Fresques sur les parois secrètes du crâne" CD [RuminanCe]
2002 V/A House of Stairs [Chiendent]
2001 Rroselicoeur/Cheval de frise split 7" [RuminanCe]
2000 "s/t" CD [Sonore]
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