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Who forgot Cheval De Frise ? The french crazy duet mixing technical and emotion with guitar and drums together...

L’Ocelle mare is the solo project from Thomas Bonvalet, guitarist from Cheval de Frise. Energy, technicity and sincerity caracterise this new recording. Think about an original soundtrack from a french movie produced in a quarry or in a neglected old church, you are listening L’Ocelle mare.
Thomas is currently on tour with friends from Deerhoof (Temporary Residence), Gorge Trio (Skin Graft), Radical Satan (Potagers Natures) or Chevreuil (RuminanCe) and his music language wants to tell us something beautiful: playing guitar only, he’s looking for new tones and acoustics. His music approach reminds us John Fahey and David Grubbs (Drag City).

Recorded in different deserted french places in July 2006 (one week), you can heard silence in a ruined stable and bats in obscurity. Thomas already had the passion for those places and give us for the first time - on recording - the real sensation to be set down with him in those dark places. Sounds of guitar and percussions throw us in an obscurity where each music notes is a light.

16 tracks for acoustic and complicated pieces. 16 rythms. 16 heart-beats. Have a look for his shows, where Thomas is curving his body around his guitar, fingers running alone on the strings giving a strange sound-effect. This is crazy. This is end for the track. His feet stopped to give rythm. Fingers stopped too. But music is still running in my head. It’s an intense light carved forever.
Thomas Bonvalet - guitar
2007 "s/t" CD (RuminanCe)
L'OCELLE MARE @ L'Olympic, Nantes FR
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