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Finally! And right on time - U.S. Maple have returned from their sejourn. The last two years have been time well spent - trips in the wilderness, leaving signs behind that say gone fission... finding themselves for a day or so in the Aegean, camped out on a volcano, napping under a blanket of ash. An hour passes with all the weight of a year for U.S.Maple -- so what have the last two years wrought? Unwrap the cellophane, throw the disc on the player. It's "Purple on Time." Engineered by John Mc Entire. It's been a long time since we did that stroll. But in case you forgot, these guys put out frigid for six months, years, all that tension, frustration and celibacy now a bogus memory. Starting fresh, staring deep into the void, building on the spot that "Ma Digital" was erected and detonated; they infuse their blues with power chords, broke-necked rock and roll, swells of passion, rattles, melody. Saturday nights become Sunday mornings. U.S. Maple rocks on. From farther away, they're closer than ever. Al Johnson steps up to the mic, free like a soul man, croons and moans. Swooning smoothly along the fine line of his falsetto, he brings you the news from U.S. Maple's side of the tracks. His words are pointed -- and poignant to boot -- the direction he's pointing is clearer than ever. It's that spot on the horizon -- no, not that the left. Below that bluish star -- no, the other one...It's actually more like purple. "Purple on Time.". Sugar is sweet -- and so's U.S.Maple. Step up for your spoonful.
Al Johnson - vocals
Adam Vida - drums
Todd Rittmann - guitar
Mark Shippy - guitar
2003 Purple on time CD (RUM021) Ruminance (Europe)/ Drag City (USA)
2001 Acre Thrills LP/CD - Drag City
1999 Talker LP/CD - Drag City
1997 Sang Phat Editor LP/CD - Skin Graft
1996 The Wanderer CD 5 titres - Sonic Bubblegum
1995 Long Hair in Three Stages LP/CD - Skin Graft
1995 "Stuck" b/w"When a Man Says Ow!" 7" - Skin Graft
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