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Raised on the champion streets of Baltimore, the OXES have grown over the last several years to become one of the most innovative and exciting bands recording and touring today. Earning every penny, the OXES have been heralded by the likes of John Peel, Shellac, WIRE (the band), the British press, and fans abound. The best part is the OXES epidemic has only begun.
Combining the energy of three very talented musicians in a pyramid of extremism, moderation, and jokes, the OXES have created a tri-force of rock'n'roll fury. Marco Mirror and Nettarino Fowler patrol on two wireless hand made guitars (built by ABC Studios) while Han Sum pounds away on his denim covered drum kit. Bass-less, but not top heavy, the OXES fill all voids with HUGE riffs, all HUGE riffs with voids, the claw technique, and amazing percussion. Yes their music is technical, but it isn't a wankfest, it is pure rock'n'roll.
The OXES began their recording career with a 7" on Reptilian Records and a split with Big'n on Box Factory Records. These two hard to find goodies were teasers for the first release which came out the summer of 2000 on Monitor Records. Chock full of riffage, and Zep meets AC~DC stadium anthems, the OXES s/t full length debut became an instant classic.
After steady touring the OXES released their first piece of controversy. They put out a 10" lp on Wantage with who was supposed to be Arab on Radar, instead it was 100% OXES. Unknowing to everyone, the record was released causing a stir among fans and the involved parties. Lawsuits were threatened and many fans were outraged over the OXES alledgedly imitating AOR and trying to sell it as a legitimate split release. After months of message board banter and e-mails back and forth, the dust settled.
But to change the subject, controversy for the OXES was not over. After recording their second full length with Bob Weston (Shellac) the OXES decided they would challenge themselves to make a more interesting artwork concept. As with all good ideas, it was destined to be misinterpreted.
Like the AOR release, beginning again by having the artwork become an extension of the confrontation of OXES live shows, coupled with telling the press that the protest was real; ended in sometimes interesting, sometimes hilarious results.
Yes, the artwork scandal was a big topic of conversation, but in the end it was the music that held up the OXES second full length, OXXXES, as one of 2002's best releases. This second full length, captures the OXES with all of the rock as the first record, with a pinch more punk and pop and lock and hop. Beginning with accolades by the British Press (see WIRE, NME, Q, etc.), BBC Radio (click here for the live John Peel Session), fans at the All Tomorrow's Party Festival in the UK, the OXES began their XXX crusade in triumph.
Following a brief summer break the OXES are back out on the road, strategically advancing across the Greenland USA, proving you don't have to be from New York City to "bring back rock'n'roll" as the press spins it.
"OXES EP" has been released on RuminanCe in April 2005, followed by an european tour in June 2005.
Nettarino Fowler - black guitar
Marco Mirror - silver guitar
Han Sum - drums
2005 - OXES "OXES EP" RuminanCe (France)/ Monitor Records (USA)
2003 - OXXXES CD/LP Monitor records
OXES Half Half + Half 7"b/w Everlong Monitor records
OXES/ AOR split 10" - Wantage Records
2000 - OXES S/T Debut Full Length CD/LP - Monitor records
OXES/ Big'n split - Box Factory Records
OXES Panda Strong limited 7" - Reptilian Records
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