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STORM & STRESS (Touch&Go) stopped at the end of the 90’s: Ian Williams (guitar) move to play with BATTLES (Warp), and Kevin Shea started GET THE PEOPLE, avant rock music band developped by Ben Simon – voice/guitar - (ex-GREAT LAKES) and Kyle Forester (bass).

Three crazy minds and...GET THE PEOPLE is born! Avant-rock music band with pop lo-fi parts broke by free drums paterns or chorus about love and spirit world. This first album has been recorded in New York in June 2006. For fans of Sea and Cake, Silver Jews, Pavement, Tom Waits.

The material is usually centered around the spirit world, love, chaos, and friendships. Guitarist and songwriter Ben Simon is currently building an electric guitar and making stop action animated music videos. Drummer Kevin Shea plays in countless acts in and around NYC. Bassist and multi-tasker Kyle Forester does the same. They want to come to your town and deliver the goods !
Ben Simon - guitar/vocals
Kevin Shea - drums
Kyle Forester - bass
2007"s/t" CD (RuminanCe)
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